My mindfulness practice


Every day I sit and do my practise for 25 minutes. I have done that since 2007, so if we count it up and add the practise from courses and retreats – well it sums up to some 1700 hours in all of practising for my part. They say that if you should really know how to do something you should practise at least 10.000 hours – but anyway, I have done some practise in my time.

I recommend you to find a spot where you sit every time you are doing your practise. It can be a chair or a cushion, something and somewhere that suits you and where you have undisturbed time. Mobile phone turned off, of course.
If you are practising how to swim or how to shoot – whatever – you cannot have your phone on, can you?

I like to have a lit candle and a fresh flower to support me in my practise. So, I recommend you to do the same.

I recommend a completely upright position, no pleasant leaning back in pillows!!  If you actually are very tired, it is better to take a power nap – always be aware of having your needs met.

If you want support for your practise I recommend you to join me on my Silent Saturdays, I run a donations based gift economy and you can follow the link and read more about this possibility for you. Silent Saturdays


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