Our dream – in short – is to implement our old dream from before we moved to Fejø and the permaculture design of Fejø Retreat from 2009.
We dream of 6 grown ups living here on a permanent basis and two on a temporary basis.

More unfolded our dream has elements from the dimensions of The Gaia Wheel: The physical, social, value and economic dimensions.

active hope is a central word
Share a daily meal
work together in the garden several times a week
sing and dance together
enjoy nature
values based on secular, rational ethics (rather than dogma)

Economic dimension
The place is owned in community for generations to come, for instance by a trust fund run by a board.
The place produces various things, food, creme, soap, salt etc and courses and retreat in order to make a living for the residents. The way we plan and produce is in a “slow” way, so that the individuals engaged are able to relax as well as being busy.
Continue work with Healing Garden tourism, the busses are beneficial for the whole island. Carry on with products rooted in The Healing Garden, such as creme, soap, herbal salt, herbal teas, tinctures
Courses and retreats
Several sources of income – develop this in a slow and steady pace, locally pressed oils for medicinal and health promoting purpose, made on small scale machinery

Social dimension
People can give and receive guidance and coaching
Music, dancing, singing, rituals, tune in, sharing, meditation
Integrated social life with life on Fejø
Informal place to meet

Physical dimension
No dogs and no more cats, we already have two
Tiny houses
Living units in existing buildings
Biodynamic way of producing food
Small scale production, inspired by Japan
Produce food for 30 families, who are somehow engaged
Terraces one the southern slope, maybe grapes, figs, apricots, bananas, cherries (sour and sweet)
Food inspired from the Japanese kitchen, which means a lot of fermented soy products such as shoyu, miso and tofu.
Kitchen and diner for 35 persons who take turns to cook, so that there is a hot meal for everybody every day monday to friday. If you like, you can take the food with you and eat where you live.
Greenhouses //Conservatory at end of barn
“The House in the Healing Garden” with shop, storage and production facility and a small cafe
Plant trees
Collect rainwater
Fossil free heating system
Local grey water treatment