Our vision is an abundant and fair world where Earth as well as people and all sentient beings are cared for.

How we work towards this great vision is by providing inspiration, motivation and tools to enable people to put the ethics of permaculture into practise: Earth Care, People Care and Recycling Surplus.

Why work with permaculture? Why is ecology not enough?
The elements (soil, water, air, energy and people) need regeneration. We must take carbon back to the soil, the air and water must be cleaner, and we need more diversity at all levels – people need the opportunity of enjoying their lives and not stress around in stressed, and life style caused conditions.

Learn about permaculture in praxis
* how we tranform our basic design of our 8,9 ha of land into realisation
* how we live our daily life with the ethics of permaculture
* how we use the elements and principles of permaculture
* how we train our main focus: the people based permaculture.

The realisation time for our design is 20 years, which means we should “be there” in 2029. Since 2009 we have realised a small lake, created better life for insects, planted willow, started tree planting, prepared an area for a forest garden and created a healing garden. in 2019 people started moving in via the 4 open, yearly co-creation weekends.

Last update 11.06.2020 Anne Vinter

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