Mindfulness and permaculture, a meditative garden retreat for beginners

A one week retreat based on mindfulness and permaculture, five full days
with arrival on Sunday evening June 10 and departure on Saturday morning June 16

This week is for you who is a beginner. You want to know how and where to start a daily practise in order to integrate mindfulness and permaculture in your daily life.

Meditative walking. Photo Anne Moloney

We train our ability to practice loving kindness and compassion through sitting, walking and working meditation.
We train the ability to distinguish between complete silence and functional silence, practicing complete silence during the meditations and functional silence during the meditative activities.
Moreover, there are breaks with free conversation. You will get instructions in all disciplines.

Permaculture is a holistic design strategy (briefly told) that ensures that there is a land to live on for our descendants. Each day’s morning module is an opportunity to have conversations about elements of permaculture in practice, as each of us takes small steps to implement the various elements of permaculture in our everyday lives.
Furthermore you’ll have inspiration from social permaculture practice during the week as well as from the designs on Fejø Retreat and The Healing Garden on Fejø.

The meditative work takes place in the Healing Garden and Fejø Retreat LAND Center and through communal cooking, and washing up.

The Permaculture Flower by Alan Holmgren

Anne Moloney, meditation teacher and mindfulness mediator from the School of Applied Meditation, PDC owner heading for diploma, teacher, body-oriented psychotherapist and co-owner of Fejø Retreat

The all-is-one-sign. A gift from Anne Molinari at Findhorn

We start Sunday at 6 pm with a meal and introduction to the week. We do the final design of the daily structure together in order to meet the group´s needs.

Shown below is a possible structure.

Monday to Friday:
7 to 7.30: Body exercises, “Work In”
7.30 to 8: Breakfast
8-9: Sitting meditation
9-11: Conversations on mindfulness and permaculture practice
11 – 12: walking meditation
12 to 13.30: Lunch

13.30 to 15.30: Pause

15.30 to 16.30: Sitting meditation
16.30 to 18.30: mindfull activities in the garden and kitchen
18.30 to 20: Mindfull eating
20-21: Sitting meditation

The remainder of the evening at leisure.

We end on Saturday morning with an evaluation after the first sitting meditation.

Max 8 participants

Price: Gift Economy
You get lessons, full board and accommodation in dormitory / own tents. Accommodation in a single or shared bedroom can be arranged.
You give your presence.
When the week is over, you decide whether you want to give a gift in the form of money or something else. However, we need a deposit to ensure your final booking, this can be repaid after the week if you wish.
You could look into what the rates are for accommodation and full board at a hostel to help guide you on prices – and also we encourage you to look into your own heart and pocket to decide what gift you’d like to give.

Food: Vegetarian/vegan/local produce as much as possible. Our own vegetable patches will have started to yield. All preparations will be shared as part of the training.

Salad with garden ingredients. Photo Anne Moloney

Please register with Anne Moloney at: moloney(at)fejoe.dk. Your place is reserved once we have received your deposit of dk. kr. 500. Terms of payment will be given to you when you register.



Can be subject to changes; 10.06.2018