Arrangements 2018

We are happy to host several arrangements and events. You are welcome to join us, and if you need it we can most likely arrange an overnight for you.

We have a close cooperation with The Healing Garden on Fejø.

A regenerative back-to-basics week May 17th – May 22nd.

In 2018 we have two meditative garden retreats, one for beginners in June (June 11 – 15) and one for trained in August (August 6 – 10).

We have pilgrimage days (July 27 – 29).

And several learn-how-to-use-herbs days:
How to make cream and oil: May 16 and August 22
How to make tincture and “snaps”: May 30 and September 5
How to make herbal salt: May 23 and August 29
How to dry herbs for teas and spices: June 6 and September 12