At Fejø Retreat and The Healing Garden on Fejø we have two types of volunteers:

Long term and short term.

Long term volunteers live with us from mid April until mid October, we have 1 available position. You will live in a private bedroom during your stay.
A single long term volunteer or eventually two may stay during the winter season from mid October until mid April. We have no available positions at the moment.

Short term.
From April to October many volunteers visit us, helping and learning. We welcome short term volunteers for periods of a minimum of 3 weeks.

Our overall mission is to network with and gather people and organizations interested in participating actively in promoting a mindful and permaculture lifestyle locally as well as globally.

We are working for a society in which people develop positively, both physically as well as psychologically, socially as well as culturally, without adversely affecting the quality of life of other individuals and future generations. We are working towards a better understanding and learning about sustainable and regenerative  lifestyles  – how we as humans can live a rich life, eat healthy food, socialize and have fun together, while we take responsibility for our local energy, nutrition, and water cycles.
We also work to create the reflection of the different sectors of society about how the world economy and society’s power structures are in conflict with humanity’s continued existence on earth.


This comes into real life by managing our 5 gardens

The Healing Garden on Fejø (2.500 m2 with 600 m2 of presentation beds, see also helbredendehave.dk)

The self-sustaining vegetable garden (200 m2 in progress, growing……)

The therapy garden (150 m2 beds with perennial and annual flowers and herbs

The garden at the Strawbale Cottage

The Fejø Retreat Garden (100m2 of flower beds around the house)

The “work” – because we do not work, we follow the myth of our singing heart as we bring balance between nature and culture – consists of

Sowing, Potting, Planting, Watering, Weeding, Mulching, Mowing, Scything, Pruning, Harvesting, Drying, Fermenting, Conservation in oils, vinegars and sugar, Making teas, Writing signs, Measuring up beds, Cooking and maintainingng

Our volunteer activity runs from 8.00 in the morning till 16.00 in the afternoon, starting with “Tune In” and with two coffee/tea breaks and an hour lunch break. Accommodation is in our newly built yurt or eventually in private tents.

Every day we start with a tune in, just like an orchestra getting ready to play all the different instruments together. We do a short standing meditation, share gratefulness and connectedness, sing and dance. During the hours of volunteering we practise the art of listening to our hearts – is my heart singing? Can I find this activity meaningful? If not, how can I?

Once a week we have a “Perma Party Program” for sharing what we are learning about permaculture from our daily activities.

Text: Anne Moloney, update 12.02.1018

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