You have probably noticed that you are unique. There is no other person on Planet Earth who is exactly as you are. And there never has been. Billions and billions of individuals have lived and are living, and still there is only one YOU.

The stream of life goes through YOU and your breath is one bridge to experience this. How you experience it is your experience and you do not know how other human individuals experience this miracle, the miracle of life. Your experience is yours alone and unique and completely true. Never doubt that. You experience through your senses – is your absolute truth.

Like many other individuals you find yourself longing for light and love. More light and more love.
Less suffering.

When you experience these states (in yourself or outside yourself or wherever or however you experience them) you can understand them as energy. Energy streaming inside and outside and through you. So this is where love starts. Peace starts. Happiness starts. From you.

And in those moments when you are experiencing love, peace, light, happiness, forgiveness this energy is emanating from you. And you are changing yourself and you are changing the world.

YOU are powerful………

Anne Vinter, 18.12.20

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