This moment…… this now

There is a new, magnificent moment all the time. As long as you are alive.

Once you begin to realise this, the absolute magic of being alive, the wonder of it, life is not the same as it was before. Life has its planning, considerations, judgements, ups and downs. But behind that – or inside or above or beneath, at another level – is the stream of consciousness itself, and it contains love and gratitude even if it is at a non verbal level.

Life itself.

Moment by moment.

To experience this, and mind you, experiencing is different from thinking of, you need not meditate. But having a formal practice is a good prerequisite, since you are training your awareness with insight and will power and endurance.

And then, it is only a matter of leaning back, letting go, and the wonder opens, a moment, a glimpse, once and again and again.

If you like Leonard Cohen, I recommend this, Love Itself:

Anne Vinter, 11.12. 2020

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