Glimpses of light and peace during everyday life

The daily formal practise is important, this cannot be pointes out too many times. Because the mind says again and again, in many different ways: “What am I doing here, why am I sitting here, what is the purpose of this”. And you need your will power to go on sitting and as time goes by, month after month, year after year, pay attention to the evident changes in your every day life.

You do not suddenly become happy all the time. Life is as it is with its ups and downs, pleasures and sorrows. But you gradually realise that there is more to life than that. You need not identify with everything that is going on in your mind.

You find places, so to speak, as glimpses, where you let go and you experience peace, happiness, joy – a state with no words and no thoughts, just pure being. In the beginning you hardly notice that this is happening during your day, because it is a glimpse, very, very short. But it is there, it comes to you without expectation, without you operating from your will.

It just appears……….

And goes away again

29.11.2020 Anne Vinter

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