What is consciousness?

When we work with mindfulness we have many different attempts to describe with words what we are doing.

The thing is, this is difficult, and it is with many of the things we do.
– How would you describe how to ride a bicycle to a person who has never even seen a bicycle?
– How would you describe how to cook a casserole of bean stew to a person who has never seen or experienced a bean before?

One of the things we say about training with mindfulness is that we become aware. What do we become aware of? Either we have a focus (or we do not have a focus) , and say focus is on the breath. Become aware of how the breath is moving in your body. Breathe in, breathe out – and you experience there are SO many things to become aware of, just in the breathing.

And then of course, no matter what your focus os, you become aware of all the distractions. It is SO difficult to stay focused, and staying focused is actually not the purpose of the training. The purpose of the training is to open the awareness and be aware of the distractions or whatever is present.

So what is consciousness?

Consciousness is the space in which everything that you are aware of in the present moment appears.

Becoming aware you will notice that you are not DOING your breath, it does itself. You do not DO the sounds you hear, they appear on their own in consciousness, as you become aware. You do not DO your thoughts or any other distractions, they do themselves as they appear in consciousness.

Anne Vinter, 21.08.2020

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