Eyes open

In this tradition you can do your formal practise with eyes open or eyes closed.

Many people have the experience that one becomes more restful and quiet with eyes closed. And so, many people chose to sit with eyes closed, that becomes their habit. I encourage you to also sit with your eyes open, there should be no pressure and at the same time it can be useful to use ones will to actually sit for a period with eyes open, or have eyes open 10 – 15 min of each period.

When you open your eyes, so many sensations stream into your field of awareness. Shades and light, colours, shapes, what is close to you, and what is mores distant. There is SO MUCH!! Even if you choose to focus on a single spot in front of you, there is still so much.

Take it all in, slowly and at peace. Just let go. Notice and be aware. Let go of all the names you have learnt (table, leaf, green, cup and so on). Just let the light and the shades, the forms and the colours appear in your visual field. And keep contact with your breating. Thoughts will appear also, of course, as thoughts do. Be aware that they appear and disappear in their own way, you need not do anything with them, just let them float by, like white clouds on a summer sky.

15.08.2020 Anne Vinter

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