Thoughts are thoughts. They have their own life, like bubbles in a bottle of sparkling water. There are myriads of them and we as human beings must be grateful for this ability that we have, to think, to understand, to comprehend,

As you read this, you are thinking – great!!

The thoughts are appearing in consciousness. Anything you become aware af is appearing in your consciousness.

Consciousness itself does not consider, appraise or valuate. Consciousness is the space in which thoughts appear, in which whatever you are aware appears..


Mindfulness is not about how to stop the thoughts, mindfulness is to be aware of the thoughts , in the present moment. Awareness is not a thought.

We can use the picture of a stream, a stream of thoughts. You can either be swallowed up in the stream or you can sit on the side, on the bank, and watch the stream.

So the difference is not which thoughts you have, but how your attitude is towards the thoughts, are you aware or are you not aware.

Anne Vinter, 01.08.2020

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