Muddhita – sympathetic joy

This word, muddhita, is a pali word translated to sympathetic joy.

Again, I encourage you to contemplate, what is sympathetic and what is joy, and what becomes of it when you add these two words.

To cultivate this inner state of sympathetic joy is one of the mindfulness trainings that I recommend.

These inner pleasant states of
metta – loving kindness
karuna – compassion
muddhita – sympathetic joy – are already alive inside you. You know them, all you need to do is to find them and be aware of them. It is not something new that you need to learn.

Decide when and how often you will have focus on metta, karuna and muddhita.

The training includes directing these feelings
toward yourself
toward someone you love (or at least like very much)
toward someone you dislike or have a complicated relationship
toward all sentient beings

You know in your deep inner wisdom that you want more love in the world, love is the answer, you want loving kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy to spread in the world. How do we learn things? How do we get better at something? We train, we practise.

Have a nice day, enjoy!!

Anne Vinter, 11.07.2020

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