Metta, II

So this posting is the second part of practising metta, loving kindness.

In the previous post I mentioned two objects for the metta practise

  1. a person you like and with whom you have an uncomplicated relation
  2. yourself

Now the next two objects to include in the metta practise is

3. a person you do not like and with whom you have a complicated relationship

4. the world, you practise loving kindness towards all sentient beings

It is important to keep awareness on your own breathing and body reactions while you focus your attention to one of the four objects. If you decide to use 10 unites on the metta practice it means that you use 2 1/2 minutes of focused attention on each of the four objects: a person you like, yourself, a person you do not like, the world.

Try out the metta practise and if your experience is smooth, it works for you, then decide to do it once a month or once a week, whatever suits you.

And do what you plan and decide. If you do not do it – make a new plan and a new decision. Do not struggle and do not let all this “I should” invade your mental state. Enjoy, do what feels good, go with the flow and at the same time be serious and keep your focus.

Anne Vinter 20.06.2020

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