As we know, the mindfulness meditation that we are practising comes from many traditions – and one of them is buddhism. The metta practise is well known in buddhism.

The word “metta” is a pali word, and it can be translated into “loving kindness”.

Start with a little contemplation. What does love mean, or to be loving? What does it mean to love somebody? And what does kind mean? What does it mean to be kind to somebody, to show this person kindness? And what does it mean then, to add the two, loving and kindness together?

The practise is like this.

First you sit and do your thing, get grounded, contact with body, contact with breath, open senses. And then – and this does not need to take more than 30 seconds, but it takes the time it takes, some days it is more difficult to bring yourself present – when you find yourself in this balanced, grounded, present state, you bring to mind a person, that you like and with whom you hav an uncomplicated relation.

See this person in front of you, in your imagination. And think deliberately, “May you be happy”, “May you be healthy”, “May you be free from suffering”. Repeat these sentences like mantras while you keep your person imaginary in front of you.

You do this for a while, 3 – 5 minutes, and then you focus your attention on how this feels in your own system. What is it like to actually wish somebody else the best?

And then you put yourself in the place of this beloved person, you change your focus af attention to yourself, and you repeat, “May you be happy”, “May you be healthy”, “May you be free from suffering” towards yourself for 3 – 5 minutes, and then observe what it is like in your system, what is your inner experience of wishing yourself the best, from this openhearted position.

For many people it is more difficult than with somebody else.

Welll, and then there is a third part, but we can take that another day!!

Anne Vinter, 13.06.2020

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