Witness and consciousness

Once you have been meditating for some time you realise that your consciousness has many, maybe countless realms.

You realise that you identify with your thoughts and feelings and you begin to experience what it is like when you do not identify, but instead practise awareness. To be aware of is different from to be. I am aware of is different from I am.

The state of being aware is what we call the witness or the witness function of consciousness. The witness is neutral, the witness is not judging, the witness is plainly aware and the witness is not identifying. And the witness is aware of everything. Anywhere you point your attention or anywhere your attention is drawn to, the witness is – well – the witness is witnessing.

Consciousness is the space where whatever you are aware of appears.

Anything and everything appears in consciousness and you do not know what is coming next. You do not know which sounds you are going to hear. And you do not know which tone of feeling is going to appear next. But no matter what appears you are able to be aware of it, because it is appearing in your consciousness. It can be things in the present moment, it can be memories from the past, or it can be thoughts about the future. Whatever appears in consciousness your witness knows of it, pleasant or unpleasant – you witness, you are aware.

Anne Vinter 06.05.2020

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