It is quite interesting, actually, how our mind seems to perceive everything as static and wanting everything to be stable and predictable.

Reality is: Everything is changing, nothing is the same. We say in these corona times, “nothing will be the same after corona” and for many people it means it will not change to the better. But corona or not, nothing will be the same tomorrow. Ever.

People are born, people die, people are ill, people are cured, people love, people hate, people are hungry, people eat. A new day dawns, the sun goes up and the sun goes down, rain falls, plants grow. Seasons change. The light changes all the time during the day and you never really know what is going to happen next. You have some expectations based on experience, but actually you do not know.

Awareness rising on these matters are helpful to stabilise your mental health and even improve it. If you are aware of any happiness in your body mind system you know it is important to be grateful and glad and sink into this feeling, enjoy it, be in it. Because it will end. And it will come back.

As Rumi tells us in “The guesthouse” welcome any feeling, anything that happens, welcome it. Everything is part of your life, everything you become aware of is one tiny bit of the universe.

The planet is spinning and everything is impermanent,

Anne Vinter, 29.05.2020

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