Isn’t enough enough?


You sit there.

Doing your formal practise.

Aware of body. Aware of breathing. You have done it many, many times before. And it is never the same. The experience can be somewhat like an experience you have had before, but it is never the same.

You are aware of your curiosity, allowing every moment to be just as it is.

Aware of your senses. Sounds. Eyes open, eyes closed, there is something there, entering the scene of your consciousness, you become aware of light and darkness, sun and shadow, colours and forms.

Aware of your feelings. Pleasant or unpleasant, feelings arrive in consciousness. Aware. Witnessing. It is as it is. And the feelings change.

Body relaxed. And your whole system is awake.

The thoughts come and go, as thoughts do. Sometimes it is like a queue of unending thoughts, sometimes it is more open and quiet. Becoming aware, witnessing it all. Accepting. It is as it is.

An then you KNOW, suddenly, this present moment IS actually your life. Isn’t that enough ?

Anne Vinter, 07.05.2020

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