Absolute neutrality

To be able to judge, instantly, is important for us as a species in order to survive. We need to know, even without thinking: Am I going to eat this – or is it going to eat me. Fight or flight. So there is nothing wrong with judging. Like or dislike. Pleasant or unpleasant.

What happens when we start cultivating our minds is that we become aware of this. We become aware of how everything in our minds is classified as either pleasant or unpleasant and how we struggle to avoid the unpleasant.

An important part of the cultivation of the mind is the witness or witness function. The witness, the knowing-of, is neutral. Breathe in, breathe out – both are necessary, one is not better than the other. Thoughts and feelings appear in consciousness in an unending stream, and we are the witness. While we do our formal training we do not reflect. We are neutral. We witness with absolute neutrality what is going on in our mind and body – everything is appearances in consciousness.

Anne Vinter, 02.05.2020

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