Planet Earth

We know, we do not believe, we know from a scientific perspective that there is one planet. Every part of this planet, every plant, animal, stone, insect, human being, water, air, soil – every single part is interconnected.

This is not what we experience, We experience ourselves as separated from. There is me, and there is “other”. I am the subject, “other” is the object. This subject-object phenomenon is what we experience – until we begin to become aware.

In the beginning we are not aware. But everybody has had glimpses of the experience of being one with everything, i.e. not being separated from. This experience os often connected to nature, music, sex (orgasm), giving birth – many situations. If you think about it, you realise that you have had experiences where you were one with everything, Glimpses.

And then we can start to intentionally train this. When you breathe in, be aware of the air filled with life giving oxygen – this is produced by some plants. When you breathe out, the air is filled with CO2, and the trees and all other plants live from this.

In these corona times we clearly see how cooporation world wide is needed, because in the end we all are one. Winning or losing and the importance of this becomes an illusion.

It is like this with everything. The water you drink, the food you eat, the electricity that supplies your home, the atoms and molecules that your car is built of – everything is closely interconnected and we as humans beings are part of this.

Start your training, become aware.

25.04.2020 Anne Vinter

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