Mindful cleaning

To maintain and keep things clean is important. You always notice if it is not done.

Most people have cleaning tasks every day, cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the car – and other places. This work is done privately, most people do not pay others to keep their home clean. Some do, of course, but most people do this by themselves.

Since the cleaning is a daily practise it can very well be combined with your mindfulness training.

Whatever you are doing, you can pay attention, keep focus and be aware of mind and body. When you sweep the floor, sweep the floor with awareness. Those thoughts that you recognise, welcome them and let them dissolve again, return to breathing and body awareness, and opening up to your senses. The sound of the broom. The movements of your body. Let go, whatever you do, just do it. If your enjoy, enjoy, If you want to get it over with, let that feeling be.

In this way you are able to extend your practise from your formal practise and into your daily life.

Whether you love or hate the cleaning, you can practise mindfulness.

11.04.2020, Anne Vinter

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