Be the rock

A monk wanted to learn how to meditate and he went to a teacher.

Can you teach me how to meditate? he asked.

Yes, the teacher replied, but before we start you must do one thing. Can you see the great rock there in the distance? Go to that rock, sit down and give all your attention to that rock. Keep your focus, be patient and when you experience that you have actually become the rock, then come back to me.

The monk went to the rock. He sat down, and he payed attention. He kept focus. He saw the rock and he noticed how it changed during the night and day and it was different in spring, summer, autumn and winter. He felt the rock, the solidity and he saw all the different colours of the surface and different minerals that it contained. He saw the animals and the insects, mosses and other living beings on the surface of the rock. He smelled a variety of smells during the day, the weather, and the season. He heard all the different sounds that occurred.
Finally he experienced that he was actually he rock, he and the rock was one, and he went back to the teacher.

I have become the rock, he said. Can you teach me how to meditate now?

Very good, said the teacher. Very good. I just want you to do one more thing.

To be continued……….

Anne Vinter 15.02.2020

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