Stay with the feeling

Sometimes it is unclear to us what we feel and what we think. Which is which.

Especially when the feeling is unpleasant. We do not want anything unpleasant, and we try the best we can to escape. While meditating we cannot DO anything, but the thoughts seemingly have their own agenda, and the can be hailing upon us like snowflakes in a storm.

So a beneficial training is to experience the feeling itself. Let the words and thoughts go. And just feel whatever it is in the present moment. Joy, anger, restlessness, love…….. there are so, so, so many feelings. In a neutral way, just experience whatever feeling is present in your conscious mind, which feeling are you aware of. Do not try to change it. Do not want more nor less. Just be with whatever is and let go of the words and thoughts.

Anne Vinter 07.02.2020

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