Let go

There is this story.

A zen teacher is going for a zen walk with his students. I am sorry to say that most of the stories I have heard or read until this day are patriarchy with male teachers, this will most likely change within the next couple of centuries, everything changes.

But anyway.

This teacher is going for this walk with these students in this desertlike place and they experience the present moment, the sky, the colours, the sun, the warm sand. And so on. Then they see this beautiful big stone, a small rock. You could climb up and stand on it.

The teacher says: You see this small rock? Is it heavy?

The students are slightly puzzled, of course it is heavy, but is this the right answer? We all know koans, and answers here are kind of tricky. And they answer, yes, we believe this big stone is heavy.

And the teacher smiles and answers: Only if you try to carry it.

Anne Vinter 01.02.2020

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