Who am I? – and identification

Having done formal practise for some time we realise, that our thoughts and feelings are objects of identification, and NOT who we really are.

P.D. Ouspensky describes it like this: “‘Identifying’ or ‘identification.’ is a curious state in which man passes more than half of his life. He ‘identifies’ with everything: with what he says, what he feels, what he believes, what he does not believe, what he wishes, what he does not wish, what attracts him, what repels him. Everything absorbs him, and he cannot separate himself from the idea, the feeling or the object that absorbed him.” (Source: https://www.ouspenskytoday.org/wp/about-teaching-today/identification/)

In our mindfulness practise we aim to perform neutral awareness towards whatever appears in our mind. Just be aware of what is popping up in your mind, be aware in a neutral, non-judgemental way. It is what it is. It is as it is.

This leaves the question: Who am I then? If I do not identify with all my thoughts and feelings, my roles, my titles, my attitudes, with anything that I can be aware of – who am I the?

19.01.2020 Anne Vinter

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