What is real

“What is real?” – this is a good question to ask oneself before a formal meditation practise session starts. Try it once, and if it works well for you decide to do this at least once every week.

The primary reality is revealed to us through our senses in the present moment. Right now. What do you experience from your sensations in your body and your breath?
Do you taste anything?

Of course your feelings and emotions are real. Have you noticed how they change?

I am sure that your feeling of love and compassion is real. Put your hands by your heart and feel the love that you have. Maybe you have a child, that you love. Maybe you live with a spouse that you at least love sometimes. Maybe you have friends and family that you love. Maybe you love an animal. Maybe you love a plant. Maybe you love swimming or a walk in the rain. And maybe you just love pizza!!
It is the real quality of love that we are exploring.

Anne Vinter, 04.01.2020

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