Big Mind

So there are these three states of mind that are inside of you: Kind Mind, Joyful Mind, and Big Mind. No need to create anything, it is already there.

Big Mind is the state where you realise that you have everything inside of you. A combined macro and micro cosmos. In your mind you can fly high up and look down, see the clouds from above, see the mountains, the forests, the fields, the sea, the lakes and the rivers. And at the same time you can go very, very close to everything, see the details of the skin of the snail, the raindrop on the petal of a flower, shining like a diamond, the mystery of the labytrinth in the cobweb.

Big Mind sees everything, knows everything, is everything.
Big Mind is equinimity. And at the same time is nothing, is empty, is the paradox, the koan.
Big Mind is.

Anne Vinter, 28.12.2019

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