Joyful Mind

What makes you happy? And filled with joy? Probably many things.

Once you start noticing you will find, that also the mere thoughts keep the seeds of joy.

This is a part of the mindful practise. Cultivate your mind, find the joy. All other feelings and emotions are also important, so this is not to say that finding joy is more right or better. But it makes you feel better!! So it is good to know that joyful mind is a part of you, you can always find it. Just a matter of focusing, and maybe remember the last time you felt joy.

From Thich Naht Hahn I have such a nice practise that I will now pass on to you. Very simple.

You sit and as always find this solid contact with body and breath.

Then, while breathing in, you feel your body, and the words “I feel my body” are memorised.

And the, while breathing out, you draw your lips slightly upwards, like a smile, just very, very little, as small as you can, and you experience the feeling of the movement of you lips. Your inner voice says “and I smile”.

Again, breathe in, the lips go back to the neutral position, you feel your body and your inner voice says “I feel my body”.

Do this for 5 – 10 minutes. Focus, concentrate. Experience what happens.

Good luck!!

Anne Vinter 20.12.2019

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