Kind Mind

Once you have been meditating for a while you realise that you are actually able to cultivate your mind.

There is a state where your mind is open, you are aware of the stream of thoughts and emotion that arise, seemingly out of nothing.

And there is a state of mind where you intentionally focus on a specific thought, mood or feeling.

Cultivating Kind Mind, Joyful Mind, and Big Mind is a traditional zen practice, described by Dogen who is the founder of zen in Japan in the 13th century.

You can decide to cultivate Kind Mind as a part of your daily formal practise for the next week – or for the rest of your life. And gradually – as you can imagine – this formal practise will slowly but steadily become a part of your daily mindset.


After you have grounded yourself, sit well, good body contact, and contact with breathing, you set your mind on kindness. The mere feeling of being kind and how you feel when others are heartfelt kind to you. Experience how the feeling of kindness spreads in your body, runs with your blood so to speak, softens you, in every little cell.

Other thoughts will appear, as they do. We know that. And then again, you intentionally return to the experience of kindness. In a kind way. Be kind to yourself, be patient, be caring. Just as if you were your own grandparent, be with yourself in a kind way and wish yourself the best, be with others in a kind way and wish them the best.


Anne Vinter, 13.12.2019

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