Wake up

Inspired by Ken Wilber I am going to write about waking up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up – which is all interconnected.

What does it mean to wake up?

Well, most of us know and experience the different dream states. There is dream sleep (REM, rapid eye movement sleep) and there is deep and dreamless sleeping. So, we accept two different modes of consciousness while sleeping. In the mode of deep sleep the light of consciousness is turned off, so to speak, nothing os going on inside, and we experience relief and a really good felling when we wake up from this kind of “nothingness” and “emptiness” deep sleep.
And there is the mode of dreaming, while sleeping. All kinds of things go on in the mind while dreaming during sleep, and when we wake up, remembering the dream, it keeps us in various mood states for a various piece of time.

And then. We wake up. Or do we?

Working with mindfulness means that you are slowly but steadily becoming more and more aware about what is reality and what is merely illusions, thoughts, fantasies, wishes, dreams, projections. To be honest, most of what is going on in your mind has nothing (or little) to do with reality – and there is nothing wrong with that.

What we want is the awareness, the knowing of, what is actually real. What is actually going on in the present moment?

Anne Vinter, 11.11.2019

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