Back straight

Whether you sit on a chair, a cushion, or whatever, have you back straight.

You sit in a relaxed position, shoulders, neck, jaws relaxed, breath relaxed. And at the same time, your back is as straight as straight can be. You feel your spine as a broomstick. In reality your spine curves, and it should, but your inner experience is straight, as straight af if a broomstick were going right through you.

Once you pay attention to your sitting position you become more and more aware of how your back works, and for most people it tends to become too relaxed and thus slightly collapse. So during your period of formal practise it is important to regularly pay attention to the straightness of your back.

It may be even a few muscles and 5 millimetres, just get your back straight and your chest open, get that inner feeling of dignity – and then let go. Do this several times during practise.

31.10.2019 Anne Vinter

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