Mindful walking

Mindfulness is an integrated part of your life.

Every day you practise your formal training.

And then there is the rest of the day. In glimpses you remember presence.

Walking is a good activity to remember and to be aware of your presence. And you do a lot of walking during a day. What are your first steps when you get out of bed? May be you think: Oh, but I cannot be mindful there, I am busy, I have to get up, I have to take a shower, I have to cook breakfast, I have to this and that. And yes, exactly, that is life. So while you are in the midst of all your busyness, you pay attention to your breath, be aware of your feet, be aware of your body. It takes a splitsecond.


Tread gently on the earth. Be kind to yourself. Moment by moment.

Anne Vinter, 08.10.2019

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