During our socialisation proces and learning of language our mind is coded into values of good and bad. At a deeper level, it is in our genes, coded in our DNA: we need to be able to recognise instantly whether another subject is edible or it wants to eat us.


Everything comes out with a label. This is a table, this is a sofa, this is a car, this is red and this is blue. And so forth. Our conscious understanding is based on this, everything has a name and a category and either we like it or we do not like it. Either we want it or we do not want it. Our mind id coded to be judgemental. Yes or no. Black or white.


Who knows if raindrops are good or bad? For me they are good, because I need the water for the plants in my garden. For the person who is spending her holiday they are regarded as bad, because she prefers sunshine during her vacation.

In our formal meditation practise we train non-judgemental states of mind. Raindrops simple are. We even train the ability of not seing them as raindrops, but as wordless manifestations in time and space.

Anne Vinter 18.09.2019

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