Beginners mind

One of my sources of inspiration is Shunryo Suzuki (1904 – 1971), also named as Suzuki Roshi.
He is a japanese Soto Zen practitioner, who travelled to USA where he founded the Tassahara Zen Mountain Center (among other things). He has written the book: Zen Mind, Beginners Mind, a book which I can highly recommend.

Since it appears to be the nature of our mind in the building up of the ego that we want to be good, clever, experienced – and certainly not beginners – it can be hard to remember, that every now that starts is a new now.

We live in a world of change and in every moment a new beginning is arriving. We are starting all over, new beginnings all the time. The openness of the mind, the curiosity, the willingness to learn and to practise is important. Being alert, wanting to engage – like a cat who has heard a mouse in the grass. Attention fully focused, not having to think, just knowing that one is in the right place at the right time. This mouse, or catching this mouse, is its own unique experience.

Like the archer who aims the arrow. This arrow has never left the bow before.

Anne Vinter, 14.09.2019

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