Sitting on your front porch

Imagine you live in a small, neat and simple cabin. Outside your door is a shedded front porch, here you can sit undisturbed an look at the landscape. Your imagination decides whether it is a woodland, a lake, the sea, mountains or whatever. You love to sit there and drink your tea, just be quiet and peaceful, do nothing but sit there, eyes open, enjoying the landscape.

Maybe a preybird is circling over your head, a falcon or and eagle.

One day you have made yourself a nice cup of tea, the weather is fine, and you sit on your porch.

And then your friends come to visit you, they come in a long row. Where are they coming from, you think, have the rented a bus to come and see you? You nod to them, kindly and in silence, letting them know that this is not the time for a visit, but you will see them again, at another time. And they move on, they pass you, and you are undisturbed.

The thought are like these friends. They come to you whenever you are available. And you can kindly let them go.

Upload 23.08.2019 Anne Vinter – a retold story that I have heard or read, I do not remember where

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