Eyes open, 1, focusing and defocusing

When you have been practicing for a long time, and you have some experience, we recommend you to practise with eyes open.

Be curious! Be open to how it is, and feel free to close your eyes again. And open them again.

Once you start to become aware of mind and consciousness, there is SO MUCH that you can choose to pay attention to, and thus sharpen your awareness .

Before you sit, place a flower or another similar object in front of your cushion.

Direct your attention, with open eyes to this flower. At the same time, keep contact with your breathing and your body, so you keep grounded. First you focus on one particular spot, very precise, see this one bit of the flower. Keep your focus here for 3 – 5 minutes and be aware of everything that passes through your mind and body while your are doing it. There is no right answer here, it is you being aware of exactly what you are aware of.

Then defocus. See the whole flower and a part of its surroundings. Feel softness in your eyes, no tension, no effort, just let the image of the flower and its surroundings appear in your eyesight. Do this for 3 – 5 minutes and return to your ordinary practice .

Text Anne Moloney, upload 24.01.2019


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