Mindful eating

Often eating has grown into a commodity.

But actually, all the food we get is a gift. The taste is a gift.

Everything we put into our mouth we can pay attention to. Pay attention to the taste and the experience of chewing. Pay attention to the colour and smell even before we put it into our mouth.

The whole setting about eating we can look upon as a ritual, performed several times a day, a holy act that keeps us going and makes us feel well.


Pay attention. Open up your awareness, open up your senses, be alive.

Wake up.

Put away your mobile phone. Turn off the television. Turn off the radio og podcast or music. Just be in the present moment while you are eating and allow yourself to be grateful for this moment.

Maybe you are eating with loved ones, a friend or two, or family. Pay attention, be aware of the precious moment and of the opportunity to be together and enjoy the meal.


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