“Heal Thyself”

One of the founders of mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is Saki Santorelli. I had the opportunity of meeting him last year (2017), he was in Denmark and gave a course for mindfulness teachers – or people who had a mindfulness background and a personal practice and who wanted to start to teach. I was happy to meet him.

Right now I am reading his book, “Heal Thyself”, and I can highly recommend.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing yourself. Not that you should lose interest in the outside world, but also get to know your inside world. Who am I? Know yourself with kindness, dignity, and respect. You are a wonderful person – and everybody else are wonderful persons.

Once you get started on this inner journey you will also realise that you have sides of you which you do not like. Just like when you meet other people you find aspects of them that  you dislike. All this liking and disliking is a basic pattern in our human nature.  Just a pattern. What you learn in mindfulness is to accept that all of it is there and it is OK. All of you is OK. You are OK. And I am OK.

What we can do is we can consciously decide how to respond to who we are ourselves and to other people. But we can only do this in the field of knowing who we are and accepting.

Anne Moloney 12.10.2018


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