Accept and neutrality

Our minds have been trained in judging. This is and has been important for our survival, in a split of a second we need to know: Is this for me to eat or am I to be eaten. The fight or flight response needs to be sharpened, precise and at hand all the time.

And then.

Living as we do in an environment and a culture that highly meet our physical needs we ask ourselves, what now?

Now is the time for cultivating our minds, not for mere survival, but for love and kindness, peace and a world of good lives for our grandchildren.


When we do our formal training, we sit on our cushion (or in our chair) we  are aware of what streams through our mind. And we practice letting go. We breathe in, we breathe out. Very soon we are aware of new thoughts and feelings streaming through our inner world. Again, we let go. Maybe we recognize some impatience occur, some restlessness, some boredom. We do not want this, it makes us feel unpleasant. Instead of leaving our practice, we keep our awareness on these thoughts and feelings. we let go and at the same time we apply neutrality. It is just a thought, just a feeling (not an unpleasant thought or an unpleasant feeling). We train to let go of the judgements and apply neutrality with a slight touch of kindness – this is the open heart,


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