How to concentrate

Once you have started your meditation practise you are on a kind of journey. In this proces of cultivating you mind you also learn to know your own mind much better.

And you realise that your mind will not concentrate and at the same time be present. You know from your experience that you are able to concentrate fully perfect on a number of issues (parking the car, washing your hair, making the cake for your kid´s birthday etc etc), but then, when you at the same time want to be fully present in your whole body, again and again you find your mind wandering. Again and again, this wandering mind.

So, your mind is not behaving, in a sense, it is not doing what you want: concentration!!.

What can you do?


Again and again, day in, day out.

Every time you discover by your own awareness that your concentration was disturbed and the mind was wondering, you start again. From the beginning. Body awareness. Breathing awareness. Remember your motivation. Find your inner dignity. Breathe in breathe out. Now you are there. You are present. and you concentrate again on whatever you had decided to concentrate on.

Slowly but steadily you will be able to concentrate longer and longer. Just practise. Accept how it is. Like a child who is learning to bike or swim, you start over and over again, and then, suddenly, it works. Relax. Be kind to yourself. Have patience.


Be like the bee. For the bee having found the nectar in the flower there is only one thing: Focus on the nectar, collect it, go back to the hive, collect more nectar. Again and again this one thing.



Be present.

Anne Moloney, september 6 th 2018

Photo: Brita Oeding


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