The mind like a waterfall

A very common experience when you start to meditate – and this can last for a long time – is that there are so, so many thoughts. You get completely overwhelmed. You did not know. You had not experienced this before.

You get confused. You think it should not be like this.

Reality is: There are so many thoughts and you do not feel good about it.

What to do: The only thing you can do is accept reality. And let go of the thoughts, after all, it is nothing but thoughts. Let go and return your awareness to you body and your breathing. Do this. Return to your breath. Breathe in, breathe out. No more, no less, just do it, doesn´t matter what you think.

And then, as time goes by, the stream of thoughts will quiet down, your mind will become more still. Moment after moment. The thought are there, but less insisting, less disturbing. Over time.

Be patient.


You are ok.

Anne Moloney, 06.08.2018. Photo: Grethe Damon


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