Breathe in – breathe out

In my mindfulness practise – as well as other practises – the following of the breath is essential.

Everytime you find yourself carried away by your mindstream, you simply go back to the breathing, follow your breath, breathing in, breathing out. Very simple.

Many people will find thoughts in their mind like this: Oh, but this is boring. I have tried this now, I want to go to the next level. I want to do something else.

And what you do is – you keep following the breath, even though some parts of you or some of your thoughts do not want to. Together with the breathing practise there is a mindful and kind willpower, a focused mindset that keeps on following the breath.

Breathe in – breathe out

There are many sidepractises to the following of the breath.

Count your breath until 10.
Count your breath until 100.
Count your breath backwards.
Breathe in – feel your body, breathe out – smile.

Text Anne Moloney, ready for upload 22.07.2018


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