Loose your mind and come to your senses

This is an old saying from Fritz Perls, “father” of gestalt therapy.

Mindfulness is about this.

Experience the present moment through your senses.

Breathe in – breathe out, focus on breathing

Shift focus to ears and listening, do not interpret, just hear the sounds, as if your were a newborn and knew nothing about which sound is which

Shift focus to eye sight, a soft view on what is there, no interpretation, no judgements, just be neutral and see the colours, the forms, the light

Shift focus to skin, what to you feel through your skin. Room temperature, touch of clothes, just focus on what streams into your awareness through your skin

Shift focus to mouth and taste……..

Shift focus to nose and smell ………

Make yourself a scheme, so that these intervals fit in with your chosen period of practise. For instance 5 min on breathing and 2 min on each sense, that will give you a 15 min period.


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