Happiness is a choice

These modern times in many places on earth mean that people have a choice, that our ancestors did not have.

For those billions of us who have a choice it means that we do not HAVE TO live in the same place, we do not HAVE TO live with the same persons all our lives, we do not HAVE TO have the same job. We have a lot of freedom – why are many of us not happy?

Or at least, in our minds we are not happy. We do not necessary think of ourselves as happy, we do not FEEL happy. Even though our bacic needs are met.

What does it take, then, to be happy?

Happiness is a choice, like most other things in life. If you feel unhappy, start training your consciousness. It takes time to train, it takes time to establish a practise. Consciousness is like a muscle, it needs training. And just like it takes the time it takes to make a muscle strong and flexible, it also takes time to change your mindset.

It takes time to wake up.

Text Anne Moloney, upload 14.07.2018


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