Want to become long term volunteer?

frivilligesoeges5Wanted: one or two long-term volunteers for Fejø Retreat and The Healing Garden on Fejø for 2018, approximately April 15th to October 15th, timeframe is flexible if your need is to stay longer.




About Fejø Retreat:

Fejø Retreat LAND Center is a smallholding of 8.9 ha of land, with a permaculture design. We are located on a small island surrounded by clear blue waters and red apple trees that are in full bloom every spring.

We live on the ethics of permaculture: Care for people, care for nature, recycle surplus. We focus on gratefulness and connectedness. We start every morning with song, dance and reflection on life.

We are working towards a better understanding and learning about sustainable and regenerative lifestyles  – how we as humans can live a rich life that is close to nature, eat healthy food, socialize and have fun together, while we take responsibility for our impact on the Planet Earth.

You learn about permaculture in its many dimensions:

  • The physical dimension: gardening, vegetable cultivation, maintenance, creation of installations with recycled materials and natural materials (such as ie mulch toilets)
  • The social dimension: how does a group thrive, organization and responsibilities
  • The economic dimension: how does the economy work in “hard currency” such as € or $, and how does the gift and sharing economy work?
  • The value dimension: how do we practice the ethics of permaculture in everyday life? We practice presence, gratitude and gratefulness.

You are welcome to look at our website in order to see how we describe the various tasks in our gardens. We are working on how to fulfill the permaculture design that we accomplished in 2009 and which we regularly evaluate and tweak. https://fejoeretreat.wordpress.com/4-permakultur/volunteering/

Our expectations for you are

  • You communicate fluently in English spoken language. Maybe your grammar is not correct, but your language works so you can understand others and have conversations.
  • You are curious and ready to join our daily life, and you have a willingness to help where it may be required. This involves all kinds of tasks from repairing a flat tyre, cooking and pruning.
  • You are independent and willing to take responsibility. You find solutions.
  • You are willing to help and give instructions to short term volunteers .
  • You have practical skills and experiences as well as a practical or theoretical educational background, maybe you are in ongoing training. You like to use your hands and body as well as your brain.

We run a daily schedule from 8 am to 4 pm with tune-in, lunch our and tea breaks,  and everything we do is in i a mindful mode of being. For your help we accommodate you, formally the arrangement is through the worldwide wwoof organization, you can see our profile and contact info there: http://www.wwoof.dk/host-list/101426-fejoe-retreat-land-center-and-healing-garden-on-fejoe/

Interested? Please send you motivation and experience to Anne Moloney, moloney(at)fejoe.dk




frivilligesoeges6frivilligesoeges2Text Anne Moloney and Cassandra Lim, Photo Cassandra Lim
Last edit 28.01.2018


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