Vi bygger en yurt


Welcome to our workshop of yurt building from recycled and natural materials.

For years we have dreamt about this yurt. Standing there. In the landscape.

During easter holidays 2016 we are going to do it!!  Soleah Delani is coming to help us and guide us through the whole process – and we hereby invite you to join. WE have room for 6 participants.

Date of arrival: Sunday 20th of March
Date of departure: Saturday 26th of March

So. You live here with us at Fejø Retreat for those 5 days and we build the yurt together. There will be the sowing of the inner and outer lining and the insulation layer.
There will be craftsman work on the walls and the roof poles and the thono, which is the opening at the top, and the door.
Most of the yurt will be built and constructed from recycled and natural materials, so you can say it is a great upcycling project.

Our yurt is a summer yurt, so we will build it straight onto the ground. Maybe next year we will build a floor, and maybe next year we will even build a chimney and install some kind of heater. But not this year.

Also we will be cooking together delicious vegetarian meals. Hopefully we can get some of our food from dumpster diving. We kindly ask you to pay a deposit as you register – this is just to make sure that you are serious and that you are actually going to come. We gladly refund the deposit after the workshop if you like, we are working with gift economy – but of course we have expenses and we ask you to share some of these with us.

Register:Please send and e-mail to moloney(at) and buy a ticket following this link at a price of 350,- Danish kroner.

We welcome gifts of all kinds – food, whatever you have that you want to give, like wisdom, love, competencies of all kinds. We give you the learning opportunity of building the yurt out of recycled and natural materials and we offer you a place in our community while you are here, sharing our knowledge of mongolian and nomadic lifestyle.

Publiceret 17.01.2016, ret til ændringer forbeholdes.









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