Nyhedsbrev/newsletter november 2015

On a lazy and cozy November day I am looking through all the photos I took during the year, and I just draw a deep sigh. So so many people have visited us, and we have been dancing, singing, laughing, cooking, weeding, mowing, sowing, potting, planting, thinking, talking, meditation, enjoying, cleaning, painting, monitoring, fermenting.

What haven´t we done? A life to its full. Such great learning experiences with mindfulness and permaculture.


For Anne a lot of time and energy has been spent with activities round The Healing Garden on Fejø. Just look at the fim, 3 min and 22 sec, made by Alex Mau, a French fruit picker. For us he did it for free, as a gift for us and for our gift economy that we have been trying out during the year. It makes you think, does´tn it. Gift economy. But anyway, here´s the film.

Anne has been running the board of the healing garden, running the volunteers, and not to forget taking care of a part time job in the social psychiatry in the municipality of Lolland. Oh yes, it has been a busy year.

We started the season for real in April with the People and Permaculture course with the English trainer Peter Cow. So inspiring and enriching with fellow permaculturists from the Danish permaculture network as participants. So nice to host them here at our LAND Center. The cooking was done by Astrid and Lou, wow, it was amazing. Yummy.

astridoglou graeskar pestourter

Every day throughout the year has had is pesto from the herbs in the healing garden, wild as well as cultivated. And there has almost been a soup of the day. Hardly ever the same, tastewise, because ingredients have certainly been more or less the same.

We have used the glasshouse a lot, among other things as the nursery for all our tomato plants, we had 65 of them this year and an amazing harvest.


Monday evenings during May and June were open for guests for our theme nights on aspects of permaculture and design principles.


Of course it has been raining, but living a mostly outdoor life leaves a memory of a long and sunny summer.

Of of the themes was of course the forest garden, run beautifully by Astrid.


Over midsummer we held the meditative garden week with the integrated theme of mindfulness and permaculture.



We held a herbal weekend focusing a lot on the poisonous plants.

The island of Fejø held a chamber music festival, just like last year, with wonderful concerts on the beach, the church and many other places. And just like last  year, also in our barn.



Pilgrims by the seaside.


Activity in the barn kitchen.


The new pond and stream in the healing garden.


And the greenhouse in the healing garden.


As for Mick and Sean they are working steadily with the television series. They are coping well and they have had a lot of positive, professional feedback on their work.

A long tale has been told, never go through all your pics!

Would you like to come help us build a yurt in 2016? During the days of easter, please send Anne a note, there are 6 tickets available! A teacher is coming to lead what needs to be done. The meditative garden week will be again in July as well as the chamber music festival and the pilgrim days in August. You are so welcome!!

We are grateful for this year that we have somehow been given, with all our needs met and even good health. Thank you.hjertehjertehjerte

We send our love

Anne and Mick

Photos and text in this posting: Anne Moloney; hearts designed and drawn by Lotte Rosenkilde.


3 thoughts on “Nyhedsbrev/newsletter november 2015

  1. Suzanne Friis

    Dear Anne a d Mick. It looks great with the garden. It rearly has improved since I was there teaching yoga three years ago. I would love to come back for some of your activities. ♡ Suzanne

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