Nyhedsbrev Vinter 2014 // Winter 2014


During the autumn of 2014 we were in proces of approval as a Danish LAND Center, Learning and Development Network of permaculture in practice. We are looking forward to different kinds of passing on what we do and what we have accomplished in the years to come; guides tours, workshops, seminars for everyone with an interest in how to create sustainability and resilience. You´ll find a link to the Danish permaculture website here: http://permakultur-danmark.dk/land-2/fejoe-retreat/


By the end of 2013 Anne had her diploma as a certified meditation teacher and mindfulness facilitator after 3 years of training. She has done a couple of introduction courses during the year 2014 and she feels committed to go on in 2015. Days of stilness are planned.

The television series which Mick and Sean are working on, is hopefully entering the later phases before presenting it to some producers and the like. It´s been solid work, hard at times but never felt like quitting.

For the last two years The Healing Garden on Fejø has been the core of our focus, especially Anne´s. We had a succesfull official opening of the Garden in August 2013 and hundreds of guests during the summer of 2014. Young people – or at least younger than us! – come from all over the world to volunteer in the proces of maintenance and continued development of the Garden. It is A LOT, but we do it slowly and listen to our singing hearts as we move, further and further into the exciting univers of the healing plants. Among many, many other things we held a wellness workshop (see pic.).


And a photo from the opening day!


………. And there is the island of Fejø. We have participated in two giving vision days in 2013 and 2014, for the island. It is good to look forward sometimes and have a bit of an eagle´s view of things.

In Nov 2014 we participated in – and co-hosted – a wonderful workshop on sustainable economy, arranged by the Fejø Permaculture and Transition movement. More than 40 people joined in and the islanders invited people to sleep and have breakfast in their homes.

We have some plans ready for 2015.
In April we are hosting a “People and Permaculture” course with Peter Cow, arranged på the Danish LAND Center network, which in practise means primarily by Cathrine Dolleris.
In May we are participating and co-hosting the Transition Island Experience Week, of which we are in an exciting proces for the time being.
In June we are welcoming Mette Løgstrup to facilitate a day with Integral Dream work.
In July Anne is most likely going to Findhorn
In September Anne and Lou are hosting an introduction to permaculture in practise workshop.

…… and we can tell you, many other things!  Wwoof´ers for the 2015 season are checking in. We are looking forward to see Lou again, long term woof ´er and hopefully resident.

It is about to be as good as it gets! What wishes can we send other than the wishes for love and peace and the best possible health for all of you.

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